Photoshop for Photographers Course Overview

Adobe® Photoshop® is a versatile tool that gives you the power to complete tons of awesome projects, but it can be daunting in the beginning. Get your beginner’s guide to Adobe® Photoshop® from ESP in Practical Adobe® Photoshop® Basics.

This class will take you through the Adobe® Photoshop® program – teaching you easy editing tips and tricks you can use, along the way. You’ll master the basic functions and learn how the system operates.We will show you where things are, how to find them, switch between them, and close them when you are done.

In this course, you’ll learn:

• Working with layers
• Using layer masks
• Brush basics
• How to add type
• Sizing and cropping,
• Retouching and coloring
• To see, organize your images on the computer, and adjust them using software(s)
• and so much more!

Throughout our photo editing course you will complete a series of photo projects that will put your skills to the test.
This class is for people brand new to the Adobe® Photoshop® basics, or those who got started on their own and are ready to learn a better way to get things done.

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