Architectural Photography Course

An Architect is an artist who paints with Bricks, Steel, Wind, glass etc.

Each work of an Architect is a masterpiece three-dimensional creation of a structure that serves a function – whether it’s a home, Office, Church, or a state-of-the-art Corporate Headquarters.

It is said that today, the photograph of a building as opposed to the building itself, is the most widely consumed image.

However it takes a bit of training in the field of architectural photography to be able to interpret those lines, colors, curves, space, symbols, employed by the Architect, and have them represented in a two -dimensional photograph.

It takes training to be able to see not only how the light and shadow cast upon a building, affects its Shape, Form, Curve etc., but also to take advantage of these Natural light details, to paint a unique representation of any Architectural piece in PICTURES

A good use of these techniques does not only apply to the exterior of the building but also to the interior of the building.

In this course you will learn how to use Natural/Available lights to bring out the best of the exterior and interior of an Architectural piece, in a manner you never thought POSSIBLE!!!


 Architectural Interior Photography with Natural Light.

You will learn how to use Natural to draw your veiwers attention to your subject.

Real Estate and Architectural Photography.

You will learn how to take advantage of daylight or good sources of light (ex. moonlight, ambient light from street lights and exterior lights on buildings)

Shooting techniques: perspective, converging verticals, camera standpoints, composition and framing.

 You will learn how to  use cameras tilt or shift to achieve a  controlled perspective distortion, a valuable technique in architectural photography.

Blub/Long – Exposure Technique.

 You will learn how to  use long exposure to reval light pattern in a scene


You will learn how to use the Hyperfocal Distant technique to keep the closest object to the camera lense (Foreground) up to the farthest point (Infinity) in sharp focus. This is an invaluable skill in architectural Photography 

Basic Equipment

The basic equipment needed for architectural photography are the following:

  • Camera. Any camera can be used for architectural Photography. While any lense can be adequate, a wide angle lense (12mm to at most 25mm) is highly recommended
  • Flash. This is very handy as a fill-in light source.
  • Tripod. Tilting and shifting the camera will not be difficult when it is mounted on a durable tripod. It is  also a valuable tool for shots which requires long – exposure.

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